#LoveMe Day Twenty Three: My Best Feature

Tough tough tough! From a person who has spent most of their life hating their body and looks, this question is incredibly difficult. I’ve been working on turning these negative feelings towards my appearance around, but it’s hard work! We’re constantly hounded by images on the internet, in the media and  everywhere showing us how we should look and I am so far off it’s not funny.


Should it really matter to me? Short answer, no. Is it that simple? Of course not. I’m working on reversing 30+ years of self disgust over my appearance and personality. I may have come a long way, but there’s still a log way to go. And I’m not the only person who feels this way. So many times I’ve heard people call themselves ugly, fat, gross, my hair is disgusting, I’ve got thunder thighs, all sorts of insults we put on ourselves and each other. It’s almost a societal norm.

I have however always liked my eyes. I have greyish hazel eyes, they change colour a little at times. They have cool flecks in them and they’re a nice shape. I’ve always been happy with them, so when I’m feeling particularly ugly or useless I try to focus on the fact that I do have one feature that I’ve always liked and have had nice compliments about too.

What’s your favourite feature?

Smiles and Sunshine


3 thoughts on “#LoveMe Day Twenty Three: My Best Feature

  1. I’m so happy to have returned from vacation and to have had time today to catch up with your blog. I like the Love Me challenge you are embarked on; it seems like it would be good for everyone. One of my biggest blessings was having a mother who prized brains and hard work over beauty and raised her children that way. Of course, as a teenager wanting to fit in, I began critiquing my appearance and not measuring up, but I eventually outgrew my unhappiness with everything but my height. I was the tallest girl in my junior high school and very few boys measured up either. This sensitivity stayed with me through high school, but the world opened up in college as I realized there were lots of tall girls and guys in the world and that my height had certain advantages. I grew more confident with every year until now I regret having ever fussed about being 5’11.”

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    1. I always wanted to be taller when I was a teenager! I wasn’t overly short either, I was average height. Looking back I can’t even remember why I wanted to be taller, it’s funny the way our brains work when we are young! Once again when you write of your mother she sounds like a balanced woman who did a remarkable job. My mother also focused more on intelligence, hard work and manners than physical appearance, unfortunately I was swayed by my own perception of the children and the world around me from a young age. I am glad that I am breaking these habits though. This challenge has been good for me. It has made me look at myself in a new light and be more positive about myself. I agree with you that everyone could benefit from this challenge.

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