#LoveMe Day Twenty: Something I Love To Wear

I recently completed a two part poetry workshop. Poetry is not something I’ve ever been into before, I never understood it, or how to write it. As with most things however, this was because I was over thinking it.


The workshop was put on by the organization that runs my depression support group. I’m always keen to advance my writing skills and also to branch out, so I eagerly signed up for the workshop and I have now written and edited several poems!

The reason that I’m sharing this, is because one of the exercises during the first session was to write about an item of clothing and how it relates to the person who owns it.

I chose to write a peom about my Spyro Onesie. It’s a very basic poem, one of the first I’ve ever written. I’m way more nervous about sharing it than I should be, but it’s because I know poetry is not my strong point. We all have to start somewhere though.



Purple, yellow, orange
Soft, warm, inviting
Fabric hanging limply, weighed down
By appendages
Horns, wings, a tail.

Bright, happy, wondrous
Kind, friendly, thoughtful
Shoulders often drooping, weighed down
By lifes stresses
Money, work, depression.

Tail trailing behind,
Waggling side to side
Free as a bird, moving
On its own
Stuck to the backside

Mind wandering freely
Thoughts both good and bad
Wandering far and wide, far
And wide
Trapped by its own confines.

Smiles and Sunshine


2 thoughts on “#LoveMe Day Twenty: Something I Love To Wear

  1. This a splendid poem. There is the contrast between the lightheartedness of the costume and the no-s0-light mind. Also it brings in the confinement regardless of the freedom, both tangible (the tail) and intangible (thoughts and feelings).

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