#LoveMe Day Eighteen: Something That Feeds My Brain

I’m a thinker. An over thinker. I could think as a sport, it’d be the only sport I excelled at, but that’s not the point. My brain gets a lot of use. Not all of it good however, the majority of this thinking is the over analysis that comes with anxiety.


I do put my brain to good use by reading. I read a lot, because I enjoy learning and because I enjoy escaping reality, immersing myself in another world.

I spent my childhood with my nose in a book. As long as it was fiction, I was happy to read it. It offered me a reprieve from the stresses of socializing at school lunch time and I also really enjoyed pretending that I was the characters, that I had the confidence they did, the lifestyle, basically I could be someone other than my ‘wimpy’ self.

I read fantasy novels such as ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and ‘The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.’ I was obsessed with ‘The Babysitters Club’ series. I read romance novels, coming of age books and an absolute heap of children’s books, on any topic. I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in non fiction though.

As I got older, naturally my tastes changed. I started branching out, reading crime novels, Elizabethan, mystery, anything but sci-fi. I have this issue where I have to finish every book I start reading. Unfortunately, this means I’ve read some terribly written books and I’ll never get that time back. Luckily it doesn’t take me very long to read.

Nowadays I read just as much, but my focus has shifted more to blogs and non fiction books. I enjoy blogs because I get insights into real peoples worlds, I often feel less of a weirdo when I read someone’s blog post that I can relate to. I also enjoy learning and discovering new things to see and try, things I might otherwise never have heard of.

Since meeting Zombie I’ve also read a couple of non fiction books, both related to World War Two. It’s not something I’d had a lot of interest in growing up, despite having Grandfathers and Great Uncles who had fought for our country in war, but I find it fascinating now. It gives me a lot of mixed emotions, sadness, anguish, even guilt so there are times where I simply can’t face it, but I still love to learn more.

I would be lost without the ability to read. I would be bored out of my brain. I read everyday, fiction and non fiction and I hope that I always do.

Smiles and Sunshine


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