#LoveMe Day Seventeen: Something That Feeds My Soul

Today’s topic is easy. Music.


Not just any music mind you. I like music with feeling. I feel like a lot of mainstream songs these days are just made for the sake of it. They all sound the same, they lyrics aren’t deep or meaningful, I just can’t relate to them. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fun songs out there that don’t fit into this deep and meaningful category that I still like, but they don’t feed my soul.

But give me a song with feeling and I’m so down. Everything has to click. The lyrics need to flow, the melodies and composition need to match perfectly. I want to be able to feel the music, to be taken on a journey.

A classic example of music that can do this for me, is in my hands down favourite band, Muse. I love them. The songs are complex, they chop and change throughout but in a way that compliments the previous bars and the vocals, you can tell that Matt Bellamy is singing from the heart. His voice relates emotions, desperation, happiness, anger, that matches the tone of the music in a way that often gives me chills.

Muse is not the only band that does this for me, but they are the one that I can’t listen to without feeling the music inside me, they can change my mood in a good way and I’m okay with that.

Smiles and Sunshine


2 thoughts on “#LoveMe Day Seventeen: Something That Feeds My Soul

    1. Haha homework. Hope you like them, I don’t know many people who do because they are quite alternative in an alternative way (if that makes sense) but I love them ☺

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