#LoveMe Day Nine: Something Beautiful

I interpreted today’s theme in several different ways. Beauty is such a personal thing, the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ certainly rings true.


I find beauty in sound. In music with feeling and emotion, when the singers voice sets the tone of the song, desperation, happiness, excitement, when everything matches, the voice, melody, composition, all the instruments gelling together, it’s a wonderful thing. Birds singing to each other to welcome the day, a dawn symphony, both haphazard and melodic as they move about the trees. I think the most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of rain on a tin roof, especially when I’m tucked up warm in bed.

I find beauty in smells. The scent of  flowers in spring, freshly cut grass, smells that remind me of sunshine and happiness. The smell of home baking in the oven, sweet and spicy, warm, it’s a delicious smell and one of the main reasons I enjoy baking.

I find beauty in feeling. The warmth of an open fire, spreading over me like a blanket, soothing me from the inside out. Soft rain on my face on a warm day, a refreshing and welcoming sensation. The feeling of running my hands through my hair while using conditioner, smooth and silky with water cascading down.

I find beauty in emotion. The excitement of a dog when their owner arrives home, unconditional love. Selfless gestures, compassion shown by people to other living beings. A friendship bound so closely that nothing can break it.

I find beauty visually in nature. The world is an incredible place, full of interesting combinations of pattern and colour. Rolling hills, green forests, the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see, it is absolutely mind boggling the millions of beautiful things that nature has designed in it’s history.

I went for a run before work this morning. When I left, it was dark. The sky was overcast, so I couldn’t see any stars. As I ran, the clouds cleared and the sun started rising. I was running through a peaceful neighbourhood with a view of the hills, when the sun started peeking over the peaks, silhouetting the houses in front of me. It was such a beautiful way to start the day, I could hear the sound of the birds singing over the music in my headphones, I could feel cool air on my face as I ran, I could smell the flowers and plants in the well tended gardens I was passing and I could see the sun rising over hills.


Smiles and Sunshine


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