#LoveMe Day Six: A Note To My Future Self

The future is a wonderful and scary thing. Wonderful for all the opportunity any mystery it holds, revealing itself one day at a time. Scary, because no matter how much we plan and prepare, we have absolutely no idea what will happen. The latter makes also makes it wonderful, in an exciting way.

Because I have no idea what the future holds, I have kept this letter simple. Yesterdays post to younger Katie was long, the benefit of hindsight playing a huge factor in this. There is no advanced knowledge for today’s letter, only guesses and hope. I would like to think that in ten years time I will be able to look back on both of these letters and smile.


Dear Katie

I want you to remember this moment. Lying in bed on a Friday night, typing this out on your cellphone. Taking your time, unsure of which direction you wanted the letter to go. Pausing often, worrying about writers block and a million other things that may or may not happen during the course of your life.

I want you to remember the day you had. You were a little late for work, not out of the ordinary. Are you still perpetually late? You’d barely turned your computer on before you had to start putting out fires. You were instantly panicked, overwhelmed, but you handled it. You handled it well. The day was full of hiccups and somehow you managed to get through, your sanity intact.

Do you remember what you were worried about? Money obviously, you were always worried about that, but there was something else. Something you had been trying to avoid. A conflict you didn’t want to have. I would like to think you’ve learned to stand up for yourself now and also to let go of the things beyond your control, to accept the things you cannot change.

Are you a mother? Did you finally convince Zombie to marry you? Do you own a house? Did you manage to finish that novel you always wanted to write?

You took huge steps this year, I hope that you continued to grow and chase your dreams, no matter how often they changed. I hope that from this day forward, you were happy, healthy and most importantly lived in the now. Enjoyed each moment for what it was, instead of wishing for a better future, or wallowing in the nostalgia of the past.

Smiles and Sunshine


One thought on “#LoveMe Day Six: A Note To My Future Self

  1. Lovely letter. There is an authenticity and sincerity for this “other person” who used to be you. The comments, the questions grounded in the real moments of daily life, your feelings now and the hope you have for your “future self.”


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