#LoveMe Day Three: A Word That Describes Me

Boom! We’re into the difficult topics already and it’s only day three!


I consider myself to be a writer. I like to use words, plural. I carefully select words to paint a mental picture in my readers head, it’s difficult to narrow it down to the number of words that I do use. Some of my blog posts are long. I know this, but believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time on shortening them to the length that they are.

And now I have to choose just one single word. And to describe me! It’s not easy to describe ourselves at the best of times, I don’t know about you but I feel a bit stuck up describing myself in a positive way, but I also don’t like to describe myself from a negative standpoint, that’s counter productive on my journey to happiness.

Indecisive would probably be a good choice.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided on the word dedicated.

It’s not necessarily a word I would have used to describe myself in the past. I’ve given up on a lot of ambitions in my time. ‘If at first you don’t succeed: quit’ might as well have been my motto. My life was full of good intentions that would be abandoned at the first hurdle. I considered myself to be very adept at failure. It might as well have been a hobby.

It’s a different story now. My life is still full of obstacles and road blocks. I’ve fallen down more times than I care to remember, sometimes literally, but I no longer give up. Giving up just isn’t an option anymore. Why? There’s just no point. I am dedicated to everything now. My health, my happiness, my job, my relationships and my future. I might never fully succeed, but I will continue to try for the rest of my days.

Smiles and Sunshine


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