Apps That Keep Me Happy and Healthy

Apps have taken over the digital world and there’s at least one for everything you can think of. Social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter, any game you can imagine, music players, photo editors, shopping apps and more. You can do your banking through an app, order dinner, compare prices of different items, preview haircuts on yourself, learn new  languages and there’s even an app that can work out how much you get paid while using the bathroom at work. There is literally an app for everything.

We never used to need them. I’m sure if we had to, we could also live without them. But there are some that have made my journey to health and happiness a lot easier. I’m not saying I couldn’t have done it without them, but they certainly gave me the motivation I needed to get started and to keep going.

My Fitness Pal

Basically a food diary, My Fitness Pal tracks your daily calorie intake and output. Put something in your mouth? Type it in or scan the barcode and it’ll add it to the list. Do some exercise? Type it in. It tracks your weight, measurements and gives you an idea of how much you’re eating and what the food is made up of (sugars, protein, carbs etc). There are daily blogs that you can access directly with recipes, fitness tips, healthy advice and the latest health and wellness research. If your friends are using MFP too you can add them and cheer each other on by commenting on or liking each others activities. It also links up with countless other apps to make your tracking easier and more automated and the list of apps it’s compatible with is ever expanding.


Map My Walk

This is an excellent app for tracking how far you are walking, for how long and it’s not just restricted to walking. Part of the Map My Fitness family of apps, it uses GPS to map where you’ve walked/ran/cycled etc and gives you the information at the end, including your pace, calories, distance and any inclines. It gives the option of hearing when you’ve reached each kilometer or mile and how long its taken, which I find to be a great motivator. You also get monthly emails showing your stats for the month so you can see how regularly you are exercising, or you can check this online. It links directly with My Fitness Pal, so you don’t need to enter your walks twice, but it also works in reverse so that your weight, food and any non distance workouts you entered into MFP will count as well. Again you can buddy up with your friends and cheer each other on, which I know certainly helps me.

You Tube

I use You Tube on my phone for at home workouts. There are thousands of workout videos on there, for any type of exercise you can think of. With or without equipment, you are absolutely spoiled for choice, as long as you know what you want to do. I got a little overwhelmed by all the choices at first, but after a bit of trial and error I found two channels that I’ve subscribed to that are perfect for me, each with countless different videos for me to choose from. These are Yoga with Adrienne for all my yoga requirements and Fitness Blender, for cardio and interval training.

HIIT Interval Training Timer

Sometimes I like to go it alone for my workouts. I’ll wrote myself a we’re programme of all the exercises I want to do, jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, squats etc then turn on my timer and go. You choose how long you want to do each set for, how long you want to rest, the number of rounds you want to go for, then listen for the voice as it tells you ‘GO!’ And ‘REST!’ Takes all the guesswork out of timing and there’s

no longer any need to count each rep.



I’ve gone on a lot about Instagram on this blog. I’m hopelessly addicted, but in a good way. I have gotten inspiration for recipes from peoples posts on there, learned more about yoga, fitness and nutrition, all just by making connections with people on a similar journey to mine. I have received so much encouragement and positive feedback from my followers, people I follow and other users who cross my path. I have been inspired by peoples determination, felt better when I’m down by peoples positive posts and I’ve managed to inspire people myself with my posts. It’s a community of strangers and yet I feel like I’ve made some lifelong connections with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, that keep me going. It also keeps me accountable. I’m sure people don’t really notice if I miss my daily yoga picture or forget to post a picture of my breakfast, but it definitely makes me think twice about my food choices since they’re going on public display.

Smiles and Sunshine


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