June in a Nutshell

Its almost halfway through the year!  How insanely fast has this year gone?! I say that every year, but one thing I’ve noticed is it just gets faster every year. Today is the 2nd to last day of June and it’s been a pretty exciting month for me.  I’ve managed to stick to all 3 of my June challenges and I’ve had a few opportunities thrown my way which is really exciting! I’ve had a really sore lower half of my body for most of the month from my squat challenge, a very positive outlook from my yoga challenge and a constant chocolate craving from Junk Free June.

Further Food has asked me to submit a feature and the best part, they found me through my Instagram page! I’d never actually heard of them before, but they are a website designed for people who want to try nutrition as a healer for their every day problems.  I need to write an article about my journey with food and wellness and also submit 6 recipes for them to select from.  It’s going to be a lot of work, but pretty exciting at the same time.

My work asked me if I would like to write an article about my mental and physical health changes using nutrition and fitness for the quarterly magazine that they put out for us which was really awesome.  I wrote a few paragraphs about my journey for them and it will soon be available for all my workmates, nationwide and their families to see.  This was a little nerve wracking, having it all out in the open, but I figured that’s what my blog is about and who knows, maybe I will inspire someone.  The big boss has already told me he was very impressed by my article.

I won a couple of contests on Instagram too which was pretty awesome.  A yoga bracelet/Mala pictured below and some Kombucha from Good Buzz Brewing which I had been wanting to try for a while.  It’s pretty good!


I also had a couple of disappointments towards the end of the month, which I feel I didn’t handle too well.  I was upset.  Justifiably, but it started the anxiety wheels turning in my head which made me think I was heading for a downslide.  But as Zombie pointed out, I’ve had a lot thrown at me this year and I’ve handled the majority of it really well.  I just have to remember to remind myself that it is possible to feel sad or upset and not have it be a result of failing mental health.  I think my mental health radar might be switched on a little too high, but I figure this is something I will learn to fine tune over time.

In just one more day, Junk Free June will be all done and dusted for the year and I will be able to eat chocolate again, which I am looking forward to.  I’m really glad that I participated this  year.  I hit my $200 fundraising goal within the first week and I’m still getting donations now which is just amazing.  I’ve also branched out quite a bit and made some sugar free treats that don’t rely on chocolate for the flavour, such as my No Bake Coconut Lemon Slice which has proved to be quite a hit on here.  I can honestly say that a few years ago I would not have been able to go an entire month without chocolate, junk food or the like, it just goes to show how much I’ve grown, that I can put my mind to something and stick with it.  It makes me really proud of myself.

It’s not too late to support Junk Free June, if you would like to sponsor me, you can do so here.  100% of the money raised goes to The Cancer Society of New Zealand, which is a fantastic cause.  Unfortunately we have all been affected by cancer in our lives, whether it be ourselves, a loved one or a friend and it’s a devastating thing to have to go through.  Hopefully with all the support and awareness that is going on for Cancer research lately it will eventually become a thing of the past.

I’m really looking forward to see what July brings now.  I haven’t set myself too many challenges, I feel I may have taken on a little too much this month, so I’m just going to stick to one yoga challenge, continued healthy eating and exercise and keeping a positive outlook.

Smiles and Sunshine


2 thoughts on “June in a Nutshell

    1. Thank you! Life sure is getting exciting that’s for sure, always appreciate you stopping by, I really look up to you as a writer and to have my works interesting enough for you to keep stopping by sure does make my day so thank you again ☺


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