A Weekend to Remember

Road trips are one of my favourite things to do and I don’t do them often enough. There’s something so freeing about packing a light bag and hitting the road to somewhere different for a few days. There is so much to see and do in my beautiful country and I want to do my best to do as much of it as I possibly can.

The weekend just been, Zombie and I packed up and headed down to the absolutely stunning Lake Tekapo, the second largest lake in New Zealand and a lovely little town about 3 and a half hours south of Christchurch. Zombie was playing in an ice hockey tournament, his first games in 15 years! We were both very excited about this.


For me it was a break away, for Zombie it was game time. Because my elimination diet doesn’t go on holiday I had all my food prepared before we left on Thursday afternoon and stowed away in the chilli bin. This also made for less expenses!

Zombie had five games to play over the course of the weekend, his first being at 9.45 pm on the Thursday. I was a little apprehensive about him playing so late. We are both complete nanas so that’s a late night! But he was excited, not just because it was his first game but also because the rink in Tekapo is open air and he would be playing under the stars! I have to admit, it was incredible. And his team won!


On the second day Zombie had two games. After the first game he struck up a deal with a goalie to swap for their next game. Back in the day he was a pretty good goalie so it was even more exciting for us. And he had a really good game, some awesome saves included.



The Saturday night there was a social evening at the local pub. I had been dreading this part. A lot of my friends were there this weekend, so I shouldn’t have been worried about this part, but I was. Anxiety set in because I’m not good in large groups, especially somewhere noisy like a pub. I even posted a photo to my Instagram and Facebook explaining my nerves. To everyone who liked and commented and sent me messages of support after that, thank you. I had a good night. I did spend a little time alone freaking out but I was ok for most of it.


Sunday was the last games, a prize giving and then home time. We decided to go up Mt John before heading home and I’m so glad we did. It was amazing! At the top is a cafe and observatory but the best part is the view. We were literally surrounded by mountains and hills, some of which were snowcapped! And the lake, it’s huge! An absolutely breathtaking view. We stayed there for a long time wandering around in awe.


I had a wee slip up on the journey home. We stopped off at a craft brewery just south of Geraldine, the Valley Brewing Company to have a look. The owners were lovely and we struck up a conversation that lead to a couple of tasting samples. Without thinking I had a mouthful of one of them. I don’t even drink beer ever and here I was, tasting it! I hadn’t slipped up at all on my elimination diet in the seventeen weeks since I’d started it up until that point. I got a little anxious about this for some of the drive home, but as Zombie pointed out, it was only a small mouthful, not the end of the world.

We were treated to an absolutely stunning sunset about halfway home. I only had my phone on me for pictures but I just had to stop and see if I could get a photo, it was so beautiful.


Zombie and I have been out of town four times since we have been together and we have come to the conclusion that we are good at trips. We always have a fantastic time and make some great memories. We always see and do as much as we can and we usually keep it low budget too. I think it’s time for us to start taking more road trips and explore our incredible country.

A special thanks to the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey team who organized the tournament. They do it every year and it’s always an awesome weekend of hockey and friends, I can’t wait for the next one!

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