Day Twenty Three: If I Won The Lottery

I’ve been looking forward to day twenty three of Love Live Simples with if I won the lottery.


Zombie and I actually talk about this a lot. We don’t buy many lotto tickets and even if we did, we know we are statistically unlikely to ever win, but it’s fun to dream and we always let our imaginations run wild and enjoy the discussion.

Zombie has his own ideas, which include a humble abode and a few bits and pieces. I too want a house, but there are other things I’d like to do too.

Obviously this is dependent on how much I won, but I’m going to pretend it’s Powerball, which is the big one in New Zealand.

The first thing I would do is pay all my debts, Zombies. I would make sure that my mum was set for life and give my brothers and sister a heafty lump sum also so that they could start their own businesses or travel or whatever they wanted to do.

I would donate a very large sum to two of my favourite organisations. One of them is a mental health support organisation that has helped me get on top of my own mental health issues, the other is a children’s home that I feel does a fantastic job but is under funded.

I would hire someone to help me write, create and produce an album. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It wouldn’t matter if no one ever heard it, I just want the experience of doing it.

I would travel for a while, probably a few years at least, with Zombie of course. Where specifically I don’t know, I have recently found out that I have more fun traveling without a plan, but I would specifically like to motorbike my way from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in Vietnam, an idea I got from a Top Gear episode and I’d also like to do a trek in Nepal. I would like to do some relief work while I travel also as helping others is important to me and if I was in a position to do more I certainly would.

When we got back I would build a house. It wouldn’t be massive, just big enough to raise a family comfortably. I wouldn’t need to work but I wouldn’t want to get bored so I’d finally write that novel I’ve been meaning to write for years and maybe some more. I would experiment more in the kitchen and hopefully be able to produce a cookbook as well.

I’d also like to look into opening a healthy cafe. There are not too many around where I am and I’d like to have one that keeps it simple as well so that even people who aren’t so keen on the health side of eating would be able to find something they enjoy. Since I wouldn’t need the profits I would donate these to different charities as voted by my customers.


Well I certainly went off on a tangent there! I’m going to stop now because the more I think about it the more ideas I get. But hey, dreams are free!

Smiles and Sunshine


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