Day Twenty: What Makes Me Happy

It’s day twenty of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with What Makes Me Happy. Only ten more posts to go!


Happiness is very important to me, as you will probably have worked out from my blogs name. However when I actually have to stop and think about it, it’s hard to pinpoint what actually makes me happy. Due to my depression I’m not a naturally happy person, but when I’m not depressed I find being happy very easy, even when things are not going too well. Obviously I still feel sadness but I don’t have as much time for it as I used to.

I believe that being happy is a choice, for the most part. For a while with my depression and dark days I wasn’t capable of choosing to be happy, in these cases, it’s not always a choice. I think that when we are well mentally, however, we can still be unhappy based on the way we choose react to things. Again, there are exceptions to this, for example loss and grief, but I’m talking more about choosing to be upset and unhappy about relatively inconsequential things, the supermarket being out of your favourite brand, rain on a day you had plans or someone behaving differently to how you wanted or expected them to. When faced with ‘issues’ such as these, it is up to us if it ruins our day or not.

I’ve gone off track a little but, but these are things I think about a lot. I work with a lot of different people. Truck drivers, office workers, labourers and managers of all ages and backgrounds. I like pretty much every single one of them, but I do get tired of the ‘problem people’. Everything is something to complain about to these people: “Look at me, I’ve got a shiny new problem!” It used to drive me nuts, but now I choose to ignore it as best I can and be thankful that I don’t see problems in everyday life.

So what makes me happy.

People smiling makese happy and it makes me smile too!


Success makes me happy, no matter how small. If I experiment in the kitchen and it works, especially first time, this makes me happy. If I manage a difficult yoga pose I’ve been struggling with, this makes me happy. If my pants feel looser than they did the day before, this makes me happy.

Other people’s success makes me happy. I love it when other people succeed or are proud of themselves for something. We spend so much time being told to be modest and not to share our success but I say screw that. We worked damn hard to achieve and we should be proud!

Zombie makes me happy. He is my best friend and I would not have come as far as I have without him cheering me on.

Bacon makes me happy. It’s just so good!

Watching Sheldon live his life makes me happy. Sheldon is our turtle, he is the biggest scaredy-cat in the world but I love him anyway.

Seeing my tub garden grow makes me happy. This is our first year growing food and it’s pretty exciting. We’re growing potatoes, onions, basil and kale, all in tubs on our porch. I get so excited because they seem to get bigger everyday!

Singing and music make me happy. Listening to music, singing along to the radio, making music, it usually puts a smile on my face.

Hearing from my readers makes me happy. I’ve been absolutely astounded by how many people read this, especially friends of mine. I didn’t think it would be that interesting to people but I’ve had so many people tell me that I have inspired them, or they can relate to what I’m saying, or they respect what I’m doing and it makes me feel like everything I’ve been through and done is all worth it.

There are so many things that make me happy and I think that is because I am grateful to be alive, unlike when I was depressed. I still have a way to go, I still get angry and upset for silly reasons, but I’m getting better at turning it around. That also makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

Smiles and Sunshine


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty: What Makes Me Happy

  1. Great post, positive to see many things making you happy. I have lots to, I agree about a good bacon sarnie but with a nice cupa, enjoying the spring at the moment and the flowers in the garden also.

    Liked by 1 person

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