Day Seventeen: My Favourite Blogs

Today is Friday! And also day seventeen of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with My Favourite Blogs


Before I started blogging myself, I only really read the occasional one that popped up on Facebook and a couple of others that I will mention below.

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve discovered heaps of fantastic blogs, about all sorts of different subjects with all sorts of different view points. Blogs are fantastic! You get a glimpse into people’s lives, their hobbies, likes and dislikes, knowledge, the works. Some blogs like mine are very open and forthcoming about a lot of things in the authors personal life. Others the authors like to keep their personal lives separate and just show you their personality amongst the words.

It’s been very hard to narrow it down to these five, I could have listed many many more, but for various reasons these blogs stand out to me.


Kimba Likes

This is actually my gorgeous sister from another Mister, or the Zombie Sister. Her catchphrase is Family, Fashion and Frivolity. She is a smart and ballsy woman (she has to be, growing up with the Zombie) with a fantastic sense of humour, a keen eye for fashion, a love for her Blokefolk and a knack for finding the most delicious looking noms that make me want to quit my diet at the mere sight of them!


Clean Eatz NZ

This is Millie’s blog. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while and she has been a huge source of inspiration for my own healthy journey. She has had her fair share of tragedy and personal issues in her life but has completely turned her life around since and is now inspiring others, like me to do the same. She shares delicious clean eating recipes, gives lots of tips and hints about different skin care, hair care and health care regimes that she uses herself and is an all round down to earth person. I was lucky enough to meet her a few weeks ago and she was so excited to see me as she recognized me from my own Instagram page.


Making Natural The Norm

Beautiful Brittany who I met on Instagram shares her journey of living life with Auto Immune Disorder. Despite all her hardships she has a very sunny disposition and likes to share how she deals with day to day life including some delicious AIP approved meals and treats that she creates. She writes in depth about her struggles with daily life and how she deals with it but still manages to keep it light and sometimes humorous, you can’t help but love this woman.

Aunt Beulah, Living Well to Age Well

This is a blog that I have found recently, since starting my own WordPress Blog. She posts very eloquent insights into aspects of gratitude, happiness and everyday observations. She writes some beautiful poems that often give me a wee chuckle, almost like they have a punchline. One of my favourite parts is that she has replied to every comment I have left on her posts and also she has left lovely comments on some of my posts. I always feel particularly excited when I see a comment from Aunt Beulah as she is an incredible writer and often gives me compliments on my writing style.


Julia & Libby, Wellness Warriors

Looking for some delicious clean eating recipes? Looking to learn more about the Four Pillars of Health and how to nourish your mind, body and soul? Look no further. Both have education in holistics and nutrition and are sharing what works for them with the world. I particularly enjoy this blog as they have a strong connection with healing mental illness naturally. I also met Libby a few weeks ago, she is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out and a huge source of inspiration to me as she has completely overcome her own anxiety.

I’d also like to give a special mention to a new friend of mine who I discovered on my very first day of blogging as she had started an elimination diet at the same time, Newfie Chick. Hailing from Canada she has joined me on the 30 day blog challenge and I’m really loving reading her posts on the same subjects as mine. Plus we follow each other on Instagram and she’s incredibly encouraging and chatty on my posts.

There are many many more blogs that I read, but I really really look forward to new posts from all of the above blogs. I hope you take the time to check them out, I’m sure you will love them as much as I do!

Smiles and Sunshine


4 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: My Favourite Blogs

  1. Oh my goodness Katie. What an honor to be amongst your favorite blogs! I’m going to have to check the others out as well. Good heavens, thank you very much! I just love you! You have such a sweet soul…never forget! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why wouldn’t you be Brittany? I am so inspired by you every day and I’m loving that we are slowly getting to know each other 😘


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