Day Thirteen: What’s in my Fridge

Today is day thirteen of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with What’s in my Fridge.


I’ve been dreading this one. My fridge is jam packed. Always. It’s always full no matter how close to shopping day. Part of the reason for this? Beer. Zombie like beer. He always has quite a bit in the fridge, of varying brands and flavours so that he has a choice. Sometimes the beer will sit in there, untouched for weeks. But it’s in there just in case.

It was grocery day a couple of days ago so the fridge is particularly full at the moment. Here goes:


In the door:

Colby cheese and blue cheese
Jar of jalepenos
Soy sauce, Worcester sauce, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, game sauce, several different BBQ sauces.
Coconut water
Purple Nail Polish

In the crisper:


On the shelves:

A crock pot of homemade butter chicken ready to turn on tomorrow
Pizza bases
Leftover Deviled Sausages
My leftover dinner (pumpkin pilaf) for tomorrows lunch
Stuffed potatoes for Zombies lunch
Pumpkin, Zucchinis, Kumara (sweet potato), lemons, green and red apples, red onions, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli
Jars of garlic, chilli and ginger
Fish sauce, more BBQ sauces, a variety of mustards.
Coca cola

Due to my elimination diet a lot of the items in the fridge are off the menu for me, including the bacon and mayo, which were staples for me until recently. Probably a good thing.

Who else has a jam packed fridge?

Smiles and Sunshine


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