Day Twelve: Favourite Childhood Book

Today is day twelve of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with my Favourite Childhood Book


I had to get in touch with mum for this one. I read so many books when I was younger and I wasn’t too sure which one I kept going back to! Of course as soon as she told me I realized I should have known.

Rainbow Brite.


I LOVED her! I wanted to be her. I actually still would love go dress up as her for a fancy dress occasion.

I loved the Little Golden Books about her, loved all the TV episodes and wanted all the memorabilia I could get. I had a bag that hung on my bedpost that I kept my night gown in with her splashed all over it. I really wanted a horse just like hers, even to the extent that it could gallop across rainbows.

I used to dream that I would be a Color Kid when I grew up. I thought it was possible. I wanted to be Shy Violet, probably because she was in charge of purple. It’s my favourite colour.

I don’t actually specifically know what it was about her I liked, but I know that I was fascinated by her shoes. I guess my shoe obsession started when I was very little!

I remember being very surprised a few years ago that there were only 13 episodes and one movie. I must have watched and read the same shows and books over and over because I do remember she consumed a large part of my childhood. Or maybe that was just because I was obsessed with her.

What was your favourite childhood book?

Smiles and Sunshine


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