Day Eleven: Ten Favourite Foods

Today is day eleven of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with my Ten Favourite Foods.


This is a hard one for me, for several reasons:

One, I LOVE food. There are not many foods that I don’t like.

Two, due to my elimination diet, I can’t eat a lot of my favourite foods yet, so writing about them is difficult. Mouth will water, cravings will hit and I will need to distract myself somehow.

Three, how on earth do you narrow it down to just ten? There’s only one obvious food to go on the list and that’s because it’s my standout favourite.

I’ll start with that. My absolute favourite food is BACON. Yum, yum yum! I love it and would eat it everyday if I could. I like streaky bacon the best, on it’s own or in something, it doesn’t matter. I’ve often said that bacon is the most important meal of the day. I like it a little bit crispy, but not so much that it doesn’t move. If you can pick your bacon up and it’s rigid, you’re doing it wrong. I eat it for breakfast with eggs, avocado, pancakes, anything. I’ll put it around a steak or a chicken breast. It goes great in pies, on pizzas, by itself, it’s just a perfect food. Case closed.


Unfortunately, it has been 12 weeks and 6 days since I was able to eat bacon, so I’m going to stop talking about it now.

Now out of all the foods in the world I have to choose another nine!

Peanut Butter. Love! And love that it has been a huge part of my weight loss and health journey. My brand of choice is Pics Really Good Peanut Butter because as the name says, it’s really good! Plus the ingredients list is peanuts. That’s it! I don’t eat a lot of bread anymore, so it’s out as a spread, but it’s so versatile I still get to enjoy it. It’s great added to smoothies, in gluten and sugar free cookies, and it makes a fantastic dip for carrot sticks. I also have it on or in pancakes too.

Avocados. These are amazing. They are so good for you and so versatile! I have them with bacon and eggs, in salads, on their own as a snack and I’ve even made chocolate icing with them. My favourite would have to be smashed on toast and topped with tomato. This is a treat though because I don’t like gluten free bread so I have to limit how much regular bread I eat (when I can).


Garlic Mushrooms. I can’t have these right now because they are best made with butter, but I’ll have these with dinner any chance I get.

Cheese. Cheese is so good! Colby, Feta, Blue, Brie, Camembert, if it’s cheese I’ll pretty much be guaranteed to like it. Add to that because I often eat low carb, I can eat it! It was one of the first foods I reintroduced into my diet because it’s so useful.

Smoothies. I practically live on these in the summer. There is no end of combinations and if you do it right they are a complete meal that keeps me going all morning. I always put banana and coconut milk in my smoothies but the rest is luck of the draw. Kale, kiwifruit, passion fruit, mango, peanut butter, chocolate, dates, the combinations are endless. This is my favourite, banana, coconut milk, dates, honey, maca powder and cinnamon.


Mums’ Chocolate Sherry Pudding. This is something I only get a couple of times a year but ALWAYS on my birthday. It’s a very light chocolate mousse that she adds Sherry and a few other things to and it’s amazing! It will always be my favourite dessert. I can’t wait to eat it again!

Pancakes. Thanks to Instagram I’ve found a way to eat pancakes that’s not only healthy but also delicious! I eat pancakes once or twice a week and have lost weight doing so. I used to eat them occasionally and gain weight! I top them with bacon, banana, kiwifruit, whatever I feel like on the day. And then liquid honey, peanut butter or my caramel sauce made from dates. Delicious!


Burgers. Aren’t they fantastic? I’m not talking Maccas or BK (although I would have been a few years back), but real home made or gourmet burgers. For going out my favourite is Burgers and Beers, followed a close second by Burger Wisconsin. But my absolute favourite would be the ones I make myself. I think Zombie would agree with this. Burgers are out for a while but I’ll be celebrating with one eventually.

Chicken curry. I love curries but I prefer them with chicken. Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, Thai Red Curry, they’re all very very good, so tasty and delicious. This is my Red Curry that I find particularly tasty.


It was hard to narrow it down to just ten foods, but I did it. I love food and eating food and there’s not a heap that I don’t like. Probably why I love cooking so much because I get to experiment with so many different foods.

Smiles and Sunshine


4 thoughts on “Day Eleven: Ten Favourite Foods

  1. Love it. I’m allergic to quite a few of your choices but I find myself here with my mouth watering. Especially with the peanut butter…yum, yum, yum


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