Day Nine: What’s in my Bag/Wallet

Uhoh! Here’s an everything but the kitchen sink post!

Today is day nine of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with What’s in my Bag/Wallet.


I’m a woman who likes to be prepared. Zombie and I flew to Auckland for two days a few years ago in the autumn and I took almost an entire suitcase of things ‘just in case.’ Extra shoes, make up, jewelry, hair straightener, hair dryer, towels, winter clothes, summer clothes books, magazines, medicines, hair and skin products, snacks, way more things than I needed. And just like Zombie said it would, most of it stayed untouched in the suitcase. Half of the stuff I took I didn’t even use on a daily basis, back then and still don’t.

But what if I needed it?

My handbag represents this. It’s a mixed bag (literally) of stuff that I may or may not need. More often than not the latter.

So what’s in there right now?

The cable of my phone charger
A receipt
My keys
2 lip balms, 1 of which has been empty for a while
Cold and flu tablets, even though I don’t take them
Asthma inhaler
2 guitar picks even though I haven’t played for a while
Car stereo faceplate
A sheet of my depression medication
A sheet of antihistamines and an empty sheet
Some business cards I don’t remember taking
2 pens
2 hairties
5 bobby pins I almost never use
2 lipsticks I rarely wear
2 eyeliner pencils
My hi-vis vest for work
My access card for work
1 hoop earring
A sticker to say I voted in the election… Last year
Some expired video store vouchers
My wallet

My bag is tiny. I have a tiny bag to ‘ensure’ that I don’t carry too much crap around. Turns out it works really well… I only use half the items on this list often enough to warrant them being in there.


My wallet has the usual old receipts, old expired vouchers, business cards I have no use for, 13 plastic cards, old concert tickets, 40 cents and a trinket Zombie gave me. I also just discovered that I never removed the tag either. Of all these items, the trinket, 4 of the cards and the whopping 40 cents are the only things I really need in there.

Believe it or not I often clean both these items out. They just never stay cleaned out for some reason. And on that note, I think it’s time to clean them both out again.

What’s in your bag?

Smiles and Sunshine


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