Day Eight: Five Current Goals

Today is day eight of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with My 5 Current Goals.


I actually blogged about this recently here, but I’m a (newly) firm believer in continually updating goals so there are some changes that I can discuss here. Also I’ve completely crossed two of these goals off the list as completed so there are new goals in play.

One: Be able to run 5 km in less than 30 minutes. I recently completed a 14 km fun run. The week after I found it very hard to motivate myself to go for a run. I had plenty of opportunities to, but I just didn’t. I wondered if it was because I was no longer working towards something, so I decided to set myself a new target before I undid all of the work I’d already done. And good thing too, I’m running regularly again and making progress.

Two. Be able to do front splits and side splits. This was on my list for the year but it’s currently one of my main focuses. I’ve joined a 60,day challenge on Facebook where you post daily photos of your practice and progress. It’s only day eight and I have no progress as yet, but it has reunited me with an old friend which I am very happy about. We stretched together last week and have plans to help each other reach this goal.

Three: Maintain my current size/weight. Three days ago I was able to fit into my goal dress. This is a dress that I bought five years ago with the intention of losing weight to fit into it. Finally it fits. 25 kgs later. I am quite happy to not lose any more weight. My focus has shifted to toning up. I still have a bit of a podgy stomach and I’d like to sort that out. But my biggest aim? Not to gain the weight back.

Four. Write something from start to finish and send it to a publisher. It doesn’t have to get published, though that would be amazing, but of all the things I’ve ever written, only school assignments and my blog posts get finished. I want to write a story. With a beginning, a middle and an end.

Five. Save enough money to buy a FitBit Surge. Yes, I jump on bandwagons. But I like to wait a while and see if its a good bandwagon before I jump on it. I already use a lot of apps on my phone to track my calorie and nutrient intake and my exercise and progress, but I’d like to be able to streamline this more. The reason I want a Surge is because of how much yoga I do. The Surge will track yoga whereas other varieties won’t.

That feeling when you've just reached your goal

This picture shows how I feel when I’ve smashed a goal.

So there you have it. Ten goals for the year, two completely crossed off the list and five new ones added. I don’t like to put an end date on my goals, I feel way too pressured by that (something I learned from my original ten goals and the subsequent panic attack which was somewhat related), but I’ve also learned that having something to strive for is important too, it keeps me going, which is why I update my goals.

Smiles and Sunshine


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