Day Seven: My 5 Favourite Songs

Well this is a tough one!

Today is day seven of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with My 5 Favourite Songs.


I have so many. I listen to a lot of music. I can’t go for a run or walk by myself without my headphones. I hate driving without a CD or the radio on. I go insane at work on the days the radio is off, even though I’m not a huge fan of the station we listen to. There is always a song playing in my head. I love music.

Picking my five favourites is just too hard! I don’t wanna play anymore! Ok, tantrum over, time to get into it. I genuinely don’t have a top five, so I’m just going to share five songs that I absolutely love.

Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM. I love the message in this song, I love the composition, I love the struggle behind the song. I read Nikki Sixxs biography, The Heroine Diaries  long after I first heard the song but since then I feel so much more meaning behind the lyrics. And it has an awesome bassline!

Ruled By Secrecy by Muse. Or anything from the first four and a half albums Muse released (I say half because I wasn’t a huge fan of half of the Black Holes and Revelations  album). I chose to mention this song specifically because you get through an entire album of fast guitars, drums, wicked bass lines, a little piano and then all of a sudden they give you an almost classical style piece, with lyrics! Awesome.

I Disappear  by Metallica. Again, I could have chosen almost any Metallica song, because I love a large majority of their songs, but the lyrics in this song really speak to me. I used to feel like they had written the song about me. ‘Just as soon as I belong, then it’s time I disappear’. That line! It describes the first two thirds of my life so well. As soon as I got comfortable with people, I’d either self sabotage or they would get sick of me. Helps that the song sounds amazing too.

Storm by Theatre of Tragedy. I really like ‘beauty and the beast’ vocals in metal. It’s one of the reasons I like the band Nightwish as well. Storm is heavy but not heavy at the same time which I find very interesting. I’d love to be able to sing in a band of that style.

Beautiful Dangerous  by Slash featuring Fergie. Slash is an amazing guitarist, he’s one of my favourites. There are not many songs that he’s written or featured in that I don’t like. When I first heard that he had teamed up with Fergie I was surprised but when I heard her on the track I could see why. She kills this song! Obviously being Slash it has some great solos and the whole rhythm of the song has a feel to it that makes me want to get up and dance.


I also listen to a lot of pop music and since meeting Zombie some incredibly heavy music and some old skool music too. My genre of choice would be 80s rock and metal though. I could listen to that over and over and over.

“A life without music would be like living in a world without colour” Mark Desvaux

Smiles and Sunshine


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