Day Two: Twenty Facts About Me

Happy Thursday everyone. It’s Good Friday Eve and I’m really looking forward to a lie in tomorrow. What’s everyone’s plans for the Easter Break?

Todays is day two of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with twenty facts about me.


Twenty! This is gonna be tough! I’ve decided to go with mostly fun facts. Way more interesting! So here we go.

One: I love to write. Probably obvious since I write a blog, but I’ve always loved it. Ideally I would like to write for a living. When I was a child I thought I was going to be an author (or a rock star, I wanted that too). When I was thirteen I had a short story published in a children’s magazine. I even got paid!

Two: I am a semi-qualified hairdresser, but I have never worked as one. I do however still cut my families hair and I cut and colour my own hair too.

Three: I am scared of eyes. Some people don’t like heights, others spiders, for me it’s eyes. I can look at eyes, but as soon as you go cross eyed or put something near your eye or talk about something gross to do with eyes, I feel sick.

Four: When I hiccup, I say the word. People still laugh at me for it but I’ve done it my whole life.

Five: I’m allergic to some inks and adhesives. This is why I don’t have any tattoos. Actually that’s a lie, I have a small dot tattoo in my right forearm, they did it as a test to see if I would react. I didn’t. But it’s tiny so doesn’t count.

Six: I have only been out of New Zealand once, that was to Melbourne. I have however traveled over most of New Zealand, more than once. First time I was five!

Seven: My answer for everything is seven. If you ask me a question I don’t know the answer, expect seven as the response.

Eight: Bacon. Just Bacon. Might not seem like a fact, but it is. I love bacon. I haven’t eaten it for ten weeks and four days. It’s a little upsetting. I often update my Facebook status to something bacon related.

Nine: I love to sing. I’m not too bad at it either. Some days I sound awful but I usually do alright. I really like to go out to Karaoke at any time. I have no qualms about singing in front of large groups. As long as I don’t have to talk.


Ten: When I was in high school I had three fish. I named them Billy, Deege and Fluffy. I named them after my cousins cats. Fluffy died, so I replaced him with another Fluffy the fish. This happened a few times.

Eleven: I don’t like sleeping in a room if the cupboard is ajar. It freaks me out. Unfortunately for me Zombie knows how to open cupboards but he doesn’t know how to close them.

Twelve: I don’t drink at all anymore and it will be a long time before I do again, but I used to drink a lot. There were two ways my friends knew that I was very intoxicated. One, I would continually lose my drink, two, I could not make the shape of a teapot (I’m a little teapot, short and stout…) I usually ended up a sugar bowl.

Thirteen: I met Zombie by accident. I mistook his friend for a friend of mine one night at a pub (after a few too many), ran up to him, hugged the poor guy, then realizing my mistake I just ran away. I saw them again the following week and I was a lot less intoxicated so I apologized and explained myself. About nine months later we started dating!

Fourteen: The silliest thing I ever said was ‘that one that came off another one actually came off another one!’ I didn’t intend for it to sound that bad!

Fifteen: I used to have a CD wallet in my car. Every CD was in alphabetical order. One day in Naam (Blenheim) I was driving around a roundabout and my passenger decided to open the door, not realizing that the wallet had fallen out. When we realized we went straight to the police station OK n the off chance it was there and it was! They asked me what CDs were in there, I guess as proof it was mine, so I rattled them off in order and he stopped me at B. I can still remember them today, yet my short term memory is pretty shocking lately.

Sixteen: Giraffes are my favourite animal. I went to see them at the zoo when I was a kid and I worried about them sleeping well for days afterwards.

Seventeen: If I’m ever in a kayak I won’t get on with the paddling until I’ve capsized it, put my head in the air bubble while it’s capsized and gotten back in. Some people told me it’s good to know how to do this but I just think it’s fun.

Eighteen: It wasn’t until a few years ago that I saw the movies Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction and The Labyrinth. Name a movie that EVERYONE has seen and there’s a high chance I haven’t seen it.

Nineteen: I can’t get down from things. I have no issue with climbing up on a table or something, but when it comes to getting back down, I can’t do it. People have to help me I’m that bad at it. Incidentally I’m pretty good at abseiling.

Twenty: I know all the words to the movie The Sound of Music. I’ve watched it countless times and I love it.

So now you know I’m a little bit odd, but I think you already knew that.

Smiles and Sunshine


8 thoughts on “Day Two: Twenty Facts About Me

  1. We’re twins on numbers 9 and 11! I feel a bit sad we didn’t get to do karaoke together after some drinks! I’ll never forget doing jelly shots with you and Paul at Ben and Emma’s house though!


    1. Same, I always wanted to but it’s hard to motivate people to go to karaoke. That was a really fun night tho, impossible but would be fun to do again one day ☺


  2. It’s all true…

    Make a game out of the movie thing. Name a cult classic movie from the 80’s until about 30 years later and she won’t have seen it… if she has chances are she watched it with me because I can’t let her go on without seeing flicks like Pulp Fiction, Full Metal Jacket or The Shining.

    Just tonight we watched the first episode of From Dusk Till Dawn the series. I commented early how similar it was to the movie and she looked at me in surprise. That’s right, I was silly enough to think she would have seen that one… we’re watching it this weekend.

    Love you always babe.


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