Day One, My Blogs Name

April Fools Day today! New month, new challenges and this is my challenge this month, Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge. There is a topic for each day so I will be posting everyday for the next 30 days. Some of the topics I’m quite excited about, others I’m not really sure where to start. But what’s a challenge without a bit of, erm, challenge involved.


Today’s topic is my blogs name: The Happy Healthy Kiwi.

I thought long and hard about this name. I’m not the most creative at the best of times, but I really wanted something that summed up everything about me and what I wanted my blog to be.

I thought about the person I was eleven weeks ago, about the person I was eleven weeks before that, and before that. I thought about the person I wanted to be.


At the end of the day, all I really want is to be happy. Being unhappy is exhausting and not beneficial to anyone, not least the unhappy person. I used to be in a permanent state of unhappiness. Everything would upset me or make me angry. I laughed a lot, which was nice for the most part, but I was never happy for very long.

In the last six months I have been happier than I have ever been. Realistically, nothing that used to upset me has changed, I just deal with it better now. That’s the key to happiness. Water off a ducks back if you will. There will always be stress and issues out of our control in life, but how we respond to these is up to us. I choose to be happy.

I realize that there will still be days that I feel sadness, but it will be nice to know that I’m feeling this sadness because of a valid event (for example death, morbid I know, but a fact of life), instead of feeling sadness and anger for the sake of it.


For most of my life, I have been an unhealthy and overweight person. As a child I was chubby and a big eater. We were encouraged to eat everything on the plate and go back for seconds if it was available, as most 80s kiwi families were.

I hated exercise. We sometimes went for walks in the hills on the weekends and I dreaded them. The 5 minute walk to primary school was torture. The only thing I didn’t hate was biking, but only because we did that for fun with the other kids in the neighborhood.

As I got older I wanted to lose weight. Nothing else, just weight. I wanted to be skinny but I didn’t want to put in the effort. I didn’t want to be the fat kid anymore. So I went on fad diet after fad diet, always from my own limited research and always giving up after a day or two because surprise surprise, I hadn’t lost any weight after two days!

Exercise was something I did occasionally, but with minimal effort. I joined gyms and would go religiously for a little while, whilst maintaining minimal physical effort and obviously getting no results. Les Mills certainly made a lot of money for nothing out of me as after a while I would just stop going. This happened about 5 times. Nothing quite like good intentions!

I’ve posted about The Day That Changed My Life. This led me to the realization that I actually needed to make some effort to lose some weight. And to start with, that’s all I wanted to do. Lose weight.

I started eating healthy and exercising regularly. I started to feel better. Happier, less tired, more alive. And I was losing weight. It very quickly became about being healthy, losing weight was just a happy side effect.


I think this part is self explanatory. I am a proud New Zealander. I have lived here all my life and I love the place. I think that I am very lucky to live in a small, up and coming country and I think that Kiwis have it easier than we think we do. I am a proud Kiwi.


So there it is. I am, The Happy Healthy Kiwi.

Smiles and Sunshine


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