The Importance of Me Time

So many of us lead busy lives today. Work, exercise, ‘after-school activities,’ keeping a household and social commitments, it doesn’t take long before the days start to blur.
Personally, I struggle with this. If I don’t get at least one night a week where I don’t have to rush home, grab a bite then rush out the door again, I start to get worked up.

Some weeks, a night off isn’t an option. But I’ve learned that giving myself a little ‘me time’ every day works wonders at resetting my mood and stress levels.


Me time is important for all of us but so many of us deny ourselves this important time. And with good reason, it’s hard to find the time.

But it’s not impossible. Here are some of the things I do that make me feel less stressed and ready to go on.

Me time: Blogging

Writing a blog post has become one of my favourite me times. I’ve always loved writing, fiction or non fiction, there’s just something about putting pen to paper. Obviously my blog isn’t handwritten, but I still feel the same happiness typing words out just as much as handwriting them.

Me time: Yoga

I’m not one of those people who uses exercise for me time, however yoga is the exception to this. I try to do at least 20 minutes a day, regardless of how busy I’ve been. It’s 20 minutes of just being. I especially like doing it ouside on a sunny day. I’m at the point with yoga now where I can clear my mind while doing it (this took a while), and I always feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

Me time: Zoning out with Sheldon.

Sheldon is our pet turtle. He is a Red-Eared Slider, about 6-7 years old and so much fun! He’s not a people’s turtle, he doesn’t like being picked up or having us too close, but he does enjoy watching us live our lives and I enjoy watching him live his life. Sometimes I like to sit in front of his tank and just watch him swim around. It’s very mesmerizing and like I said, a good way to zone out for a little while

Me time: Experimenting in the kitchen

I love cooking and I do it most nights but what I really enjoy is experimenting. Taking an idea and tweaking it until I have the desired result. There is something so satisfying about having an idea turn out the way you wanted it to and knowing that you made that happen. It can be a little frustrating when it doesn’t work though.

Me time: Reading

I love reading, especially fiction. I don’t have as much time for reading as I used to, but I like to chip away at novels, it’s relaxing and a great escape from reality for a while. This is also a good anxiety indicator, as it is very difficult for me to read when my anxiety is raised.

Me time: Singing

I know I’m heading for depression when I stop singing, because singing is hands down my absolute favourite thing to do. I mostly do it in the car but often I’ll sing while I’m cooking or cleaning. Karaoke used to be a regular escape for me too.

Me time: Listening to music

Headphones up loud or stereo blaring, I don’t care, I just need to listen to music and feel it. I love a wide range of music, from metal, to pop, to some really random alternative genres. Some days I’ll rock out to Metallica only, other days I’ll mix it up. It always makes me feel good though.

Me time: Daydreaming

This might sound silly, but sometimes I like to just sit and imagine. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I think about, because it’s always gone by the time I pull myself out of a daydream, but I always feel happy afterwards.

Me time: Going for a walk

Not a brisk exercise walk, but a stop and smell the roses walk. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with a lot of parks and cycle tracks nearby and there’s something very satisfying about strolling through a park on a nice day.

I try to do something from this list everyday, to keep myself balanced. Some days I do miss out on a little me time and it always shows. I get grumpy and frustrated and the best thing I can do when that happens is to sit by myself for a while and just unwind.

I used to feel selfish about me time, but in today’s world we spend so much time doing things for other people that we deserve to spoil ourselves with something that makes us happy and relaxed daily. What do you do that’s just for you?

Smiles and Sunshine


6 thoughts on “The Importance of Me Time

  1. Me time is very, very important! Thanks for sharing this post to remind people of its importance. I like what you wrote about relaxing with your pet turtle that was cute. Hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

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