When It’s Not Straight Forward

I’m here today to report on how I’m not too sure what to do next.

As you know on Monday I began the second phase of my elimination diet, the reintroduction of foods. I was so excited to be able to eat eggs, you have no idea how big a deal it was to me. I had been dreaming of eating something different for a while. I mean I hadn’t been craving anything in particular, but just the thought of something other than chicken or rice was amazing!

So Monday went smoothly. No skin breakouts, no stomach pains, I still slept well that night and I still felt good. I took that as a good sign.

On Tuesday I went back to the original diet and kept an eye on myself. I was tired, but I attributed that to working a twelve hour shift, not eggs. I still have to remember that not everything I experience will be a direct result of food. Slept like a log that night! Side note, don’t you just love idioms!

Wednesday also started out pretty good, no issues and I was feeling a lot less tired. We celebrated one of my brothers birthdays last night, a week late due to unforseen circumstances. Birthdays are a pretty big deal in my family, we always have a nice meal together of the birthday persons choice, give presents and give each other shit. It’s fun and last night was no exception.

Mum even went out of her way to make sure that I got a meal I could eat! Everyone else had roast pork and gravy and I had my own separately cooked chicken and vegetables. My mum is pretty awesome getting on board with my health, I even managed to convince her to try kale chips! I didn’t convert her though.

I always get hay fever when I go to mums. I’m allergic to the family pup. Which is really odd, because I used to live with her. I always prepare by taking a hay fever tablet before I go, but I still get itchy eyes and sneezy before I leave. Last night was no exception and I went home a hayfevery mess.

It lasted about another hour after getting home, then I noticed I had a weird sharp pain in my stomach, just intermittently. It was weird because the pain was located a lot higher than usual. Whenever I’ve had stomach pains in the past (and it was a lot), it was always in the lower half of my torso. I always assumed it was a result of my PCOS, until I went gluten free and the pains stopped. Yesterday however, the pain was behind my lower ribcage.

It wasn’t unbearable and I managed to sleep through it, which was great. But I woke up feeling like absolute crap! Sore in the same unusual place, still intermittent but sharper now and more regular. I had the runs, which is also something that I don’t usually get. I was tired and groggy and just wanted to crawl back into bed for the rest of the day.

I didn’t. I went to work, but it was hard. I was doubled over in pain often and made quite a few more trips than usual to the bathroom. And it’s still going now.

My appetite is fine and I do feel less groggy, but still with the pain. Its changed to a dull ache now, but it’s always there.

I’ve never had this before. My initial thought was that it was a delayed intolerance to the eggs, only because I’ve never experienced this before I can’t say that for certain.


It’s confusing. Had this not happened I would be happily adding eggs back into my diet and then moving on to the next food. But it has happened. If I’m still having these issues tomorrow I will be going to see my doctor. It might be unrelated to my diet, but it’s still important to get unusual symptoms checked out. If it has gone tomorrow I will have to wait a few days and start the egg test again.

I’m feeling a little deflated. No one likes to be sick and I feel that this is a bit of a setback. It’s not the end though. As soon as I’m well again I’ll be right back into it. Plus I’m still sleeping well and my skin is the best it’s been so there are positives.

I will be updating this again on Sunday with my recipe of the week, hopefully I will have some good news.

Smiles and Sunshine


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