Phase Two: Reintroduction

Yesterday was the start of my seventh week on my elimination diet and the beginning of the reintroduction stage. This is going to be the longest part. I have absolutely no idea how long it will take. I could hazard a guess at maybe 2-3 months, but realistically I’ve got a lot of different foods to test and its just not a fast process.

There is quite a bit of planning involved in testing out different foods or food groups, because it’s not just as simple as just eating the food. Because food changes when it’s cooked people can eat some foods that they are intolerant to in other forms. For example some people who can’t eat eggs poached or hard boiled, may be fine eating baking with egg in it (not always). So for this reason I have to make sure to eat foods differently on test day.

I’ve chosen to start my testing with eggs. If I don’t have any issues with eating them I’ll have so many more food options available so it made sense to start here. The research I’ve done suggests to eat the food at every meal. If you are intolerant to foods, sometimes you can handle small doses. So it’s important to have a decent amount.

On Sunday morning, I planned my meals. I decided to have pancakes made with eggs for breakfast, a salad with a cold hard boiled egg for lunch and as it was meat free Monday, something I’ve recently adopted – it’s fun coming up with vegetarian meals, I had balsamic roasted veggies for dinner with a lovely poached egg on top.

Of course I was just about to start prepping the pancakes for breakfast the following day when I changed my mind and decided to see if I could make mango bread instead. Because that’s normal right?

Needless to say, as a person who hasn’t experimented with intolerance friendly baking (I love baking, but as soon as its intolerance friendly I have to follow a recipe or I just won’t get a nice result) this mango bread didn’t turn out very well. It, was, heavy. So heavy! Zombie laughed so hard when I plonked it down on the chopping board. But considering how heavy it was, it was surprisingly easy to cut. It was kinda like a soft biscuit. And it still tasted ok. So I ended up crumbling it into a bowl, zapping it in the microwave for a bit, then topping with banana, liquid honey and some coconut milk. The strangest breakfast I’ve ever had, but it tasted nice and it meant I still got to have my egg in a baked good.


Lunch and dinner were much more uneventful. I’m pretty good at hard boiling and poaching eggs and it was so nice to eat something different after 6 weeks of eating slightly different variations of the same foods. I haven’t been craving foods since the second week, but I didn’t realise how much I missed some of them. I probably looked like an idiot while I was eating lunch and dinner, savouring every bite!

So now, I wait. I’ve got a notebook where I’ve written down what I’m testing and how, then making notes on any changes I notice in myself. I have been particularly tired the last two day, but I don’t think that is egg related. Truth is I just need a break. With work being so busy at the moment and the constant effort required to keep up this diet, while still attending my depression and anxiety groups, I’m pretty exhausted. All the extra hours I’m doing my exercise has dwindled. I’m still doing my yoga and running every second day, but I’m doing it for shorter periods because I don’t have as much time as I’d like. Life takes its toll sometimes!

Other than tired I’m not having any other issues so I’m hoping that means that eggs are back in the menu! Today and tomorrow I’m not touching eggs while I monitor. If nothing happens I’ll add eggs back into my diet for a few days and just keep an eye on myself. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be able to test something else next week, while still eating eggs.

If I do have problems I will have to stop eating eggs too often. This is the outcome I don’t want, but I’m thinking positive that it will be fine.

I will post an update later in the week but right now I’m about to watch last nights The Walking Dead, it’s one of my favourite programmes.

Smiles and Sunshine


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