Getting Started


I’ve made it through my first day!

It wasn’t too bad.

I promise I won’t be blogging every day, I’m not that interesting and who has the time?

Day started at about 5.45 when The Zombie woke me up to say goodbye before he left for work. Sounds nasty but I’ve asked him to do this, it gets me out of bed, something I’ve never been good at.

The first thing I noticed was that my stomach was really sore! I remember thinking ‘yay! I don’t have to deal with this for much longer!’ This was short lived when I realised the real reason it was sore, being a woman is painful at times! Which brings me to my second promise, I am not going to blog about that in detail!

I started with a nice 40 minute yoga session. I have an app on my phone called ‘simply yoga’ and it’s great! It explains how to get into each pose and then tells you the benefits.  It’s not as great as having your own personal yoga teacher but it’s pretty damn close. I recommend this app.

On Saturday I wrote down a meal plan for the week and did the grocery shopping based on this plan. I tell you it was the cheapest shop I’ve done in a long time! Then on Sunday night I cooked up some quinoa and kale and combined it with fresh veges to make an Elimination Diet friendly salad. So my lunch was sorted, all I had to do was blend up a smoothie for breakfast, which I did. Frozen banana, a green apple and a generous handful of kale. This is my absolute favourite green smoothie ever it’s so delish! I usually add seeds and nuts as well but those are off limits for the time being.

Work was interesting, but uneventful. I had my camelbak on my desk and spent the morning sipping away. Before I knew it it was lunch time, I hadn’t needed a morning snack (I’d chopped up carrot and celery for the occasion) and I’d drunk 2 and a half litres of water! I decided to slow down on the chugging after that. They reckon you should drink heaps of water when you’re on this type of diet, but I really didn’t want to go overboard.

It was too late. They say ‘drink all the water, pee all the time!’ And it’s true.

Dinner was planned ahead, i thought this might make it easier to prepare. It didn’t. I always cook different sides for The Zombie and I, but I’ve never had to prepare two entirely separate meals to be ready at the same time! I tell you after this I’m going to be so ready for MKR!

I had baked chicken and herbs on tumeric rice with asparagus and garlic mushrooms. The Zombie had one of my awesome homemade burgers. He got bacon! I admit I was jealous, I do loooovvveeee me some bacon! But I was good.

I also caught myself. As I was assembling the burger I went to lick the mayo spoon automatically. But I stopped!!!! I’m still incredulous about this, but stoked!

I’m not going to be making completely separate meals for us each night, but as this is my choice it’s not fair for The Zombie to be restricted to only chicken, fish and rice, so I will be doing this often.

After dinner I cooked up an apple and cinnamon quinoa porridge for breakfast tomorrow. I made enough to freeze for other days too so that I’m not spending my entire life in the kitchen. Although this was pretty easy, 3 of the 4 ingredients are in the name! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to tomorrows breakfast now.

I’m feeling pretty good. It’s day one so no huge achievement, but I got through it with no slipups which is always a good start. My third promise is that my blogs will not be a list of my days from start to finish, I just felt that it was a good way to report on the start.

I’m pretty knackered now, Mondays have a habit of leaving me that way. I hope you have all had a great Monday like I did, and that you have a great week ahead.

xx Katie


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