So It Begins

20140829_141746Hello, my name is Katie, thanks for stopping by!

I am 31 years old, born, raised and have spent most of my life living in Christchurch city in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

I love cooking, yoga, music and exploring nature, to name a few things.

I have no children but I do want them, hopefully one day soon. I have a fantastic partner (who shall from hereon in be known as The Zombie) who is very supportive and encouraging of me. We always joke around and give each other shit which I think is important to staying happy.

I’ve always been a proud Kiwi but I’ve recently discovered a new found appreciation for my homeland after a camper van trip over the summer holidays where we spent most of the time soaking in the beauty surrounding us on the West Coast.

I’ve started this blog to help me on my journey towards a healthier happier me. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety disorders for as long as I can remember. Looking back I now realise I was always this way, even as a child, it just wasn’t as known about back then. Last year was the worst it’s ever been. I got reaIly really low and spent most of my time crying, for no reason. With the support of a great employer, my family and The Zombie, I’ve managed to recover from this. I know it will never be gone, but this year I would like to take charge of it.

I also have a few ‘afflictions’. I have very severe eczema that I take medication daily for as well as a myriad of creams and ointments. I have asthma and hay fever. I suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome. I am also ALWAYS tired, even when I eat well and get a good nights sleep. I no longer feel sorry for myself about these things, it’s just the hand I’ve been dealt, however it doesn’t always have to be this way!

Tomorrow I begin my first full Elimination Diet. I tried a few years ago and failed, due to lack of planning, lack of commitment, laziness… The list goes on. But I am a different person now, I am more positive, I believe in myself more, and I accept the support I’m given.

Please join me on my journey of discovery. I will be sharing my experience with the Elimination Diet and my results. I will also share recipes that I create along the way. And of course I will be throwing in my everyday life also. There will be laughs and probably a few tears, but i will be keeping it as positive as possible and above all, honest.  I hope to inspire and help others who have health issues that they want to try and change naturally, but affordably.

I hope your day is filled with lots of joy

xx Katie


9 thoughts on “So It Begins

  1. Looking forward to keeping up with how you are doing! May be a good way to “keep in touch” seeing how I don’t get to see you enough in person anymore!!! xxx

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    1. Hey!!!!! I know right, I keep saying we should have a catch up but life always gets in the way. Better to be keeping busy tho! We will have to have a proper catch up soon x


  2. Awesome work Katie – I’ve spent years going down the road of anxiety as well as food intolerance and elimination diets (Impressed with your willpower – I suck at them but am learning one step at a time to not eat the things that are bad for me!) I look forward to following how you get on – what an amazing journey to choose 🙂


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    1. Thanks Anna, it’s amazing how many of us have been down the path! I don’t expect this to be easy but I owe it to myself to stick at it. This being a grown up thing comes with more responsibility than they tell you about! By the way loving watching your adventure on FB and Insta, I’m so pleased that you are having your dreams come true 😆


  3. Good luck. I’ve been on a fairly complete elimination diet since Feb of 2014, that began gradually in 2011. My eczema responds quite predictably to a variety of foods, and I’m hoping that I’ll one day be able to eat “normally” again. The elim. diet has helped me quite a lot, though. Be patient.


    1. Hi Greg, thanks for the encouragement. I’m on day 4 now and I’m still in the ‘withdrawal’ stage but it’s not as bad as I was expecting which is good. Would be interested to know what foods have triggered for you? I know everyone is different but would still like to know 😆


      1. My food ordeal began with chicken, back in 2011, and then progressed to soy, corn, banana, and just continued on from there. I’ve written about it in my own blog. My more recent food article is here: with a link to the first part in the article.

        Strangely, the last foods to show positive in challenge testing for me were wheat/gluten and dairy, back in January 2014. But, I suspect that there may have been some level of allergy/intolerance for a long while–most likely with all my trigger foods.

        I have just recently (three weeks ago) added almonds and sunflower seed butter back into my diet, which for some odd reason don’t cause me to flare at all. I have not eaten any other tree nut, or even a peanut in three years, so I have no idea if I’m sensitive to any of them. But, I’m happy to have almonds in my diet, again.

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  4. Awesome Katie. Similar journey I’m on. PCOS is hard, are you being supported by a good GP? Had vitamin and mineral levels looked at esp iron and B vits as well as zinc and magnesium?….will help with getting good sleep and feeling rested as well as anxiety. Always up for a coffee x


    1. Hi Rachael! Unfortunately I can’t have coffee for the forseeable but keen for a catch up 😆. My doctor suggested I try this diet but I’m kinda going it alone. It’s not hugely PCOS friendly because of all the carbs, but it’s healthy so I figure it will help in sone ways. I take suppliments because my Iron etc is always low for some reason but working on getting that up 😆


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